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Mission Statement

[Adopted 7/6/1994]

    The mission of the Charlotte County Library is to serve the educational, cultural, and recreational interests of all citizens of Charlotte County, thereby helping citizens attain the greatest possible fullness, productivity, and satisfaction in both their private and public lives.

    In seeking to execute its mission, the library:

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Library Board of Trustees

District C
Ms. Eleanor Williams, Chairman
P.O. Box 428
Drakes Branch, VA 23937

Term expires 12/31/2007

District D
Ms. Velda Agee, Secretary
P.O. Box 15
Keysville, VA 23947

Term expires 12/31/2008

District A
Ms. Winnie Morris
3345 Patrick Henry Highway
Charlotte C.H., VA 23923

Term expires 12/31/2007

District B
Ms. Teresa Osborne
1650 West Spring Hill Road
Chase City, VA 23924

Term expires 12/31/2007

District E
Mr. David Hoffman
P.O. Box 602
Charlotte C.H., VA 23923

Term expires 12/31/2007

District F Ms. Jean Elliott
P.O. Box 116
Phenix, VA 23959

Term expires 12/31/2008

District G
Ms. Ruth Brogdon
1991 Bacon School Road
Saxe, VA 23967

Term expires 12/31/2008

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Registration and Circulation Policy

[Adopted 1/1/92]
[Revised 4/2/96]

A.    Registration

  1. Any resident of Charlotte County, or contiguous areas, may register to borrow materials from the library.

  2. Patrons register by filling out a registration card at any of the four library branches. Once registered at any location, a patron is eligible to borrow materials from all branches.

  3. Patrons are required to show proof of identification and local address - preferably a Virginia Driver's License - when registering.

  4. Children under 18 years of age must have a parent or legal guardian sign their registration card. Parents must accept full responsibility for all materials borrowed by minors for whom they sign.

B.    Circulation.

  1. Circulation Period: All materials, except videotapes, circulate for a period of two weeks. Videotapes circulate for one week.

  2. Limits: Only 2 videos may be checked out to a patron at one time. Otherwise, there is generally no limit to the amount of materials that may be borrowed by a patron. In the interest of providing fair service to all members of the community, library staff may - at their individual discretion - limit the number of items a patron borrows on a single high-demand subject.

  3. Renewals: Renewals may be requested in person or over the telephone. Items may not be renewed if other patrons have requested them.

C.    Overdues.

  1. Library staff will make every effort to notify and remind patrons about their overdue materials. Patrons will be contacted by telephone and, when necessary, with mailed overdue notices.

  2. If, after a reasonable effort to notify a patron about overdue materials (at least two written overdue notices, or two telephone conversations with the patron), the patron still has not returned the materials, then the librarian may suspend that patrons borrowing privileges at all four library branches. If a patron's borrowing privileges are suspended, the patron will be notified in writing.

  3. All correspondence regarding overdue materials borrowed by a minor will be directed to the parent or guardian who signed that minor's registration card. Parents must take full responsibility for materials borrowed by minors for whom they sign.

  4. If materials have not been returned after being checked out for six months, they will be considered lost, and the patron will be billed accordingly.

D.    Lost and Damaged Materials.

E.    Restricted Privileges.

F.    Confidentiality.

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Video Tapes

[adopted 3/6/96]
[amended 4/2/96]

Scope of the collection:

    The library offers a collection of videotapes in the VHS format. The purpose of this collection is to serve the educational, cultural, and recreational interests of county citizens in subject areas in which the audiovisual format is more suitable, or more effective, than print or other media. These areas include instructional/how-to programs which are enhanced by a visual element, exercise and fitness programs, nature study, and public performance arts, such as theater and dance. The library also recognizes cinema as an established and important art form in its own right, and offers on videotape a selective collection of feature/entertainment films, documentaries, and experimental films which represent outstanding technical and artistic achievement in the history of the motion picture.



    Most videotapes in the library collection are for home-use only, unless otherwise clearly indicated on the tape or on the packaging. Home-use only tapes may not be used for public performance, in either profit or non-profit settings. Tapes may not be copied. All responsibility for compliance with copyright regulations is assumed by the borrower of the videotape.

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Internet Access

[adopted 3/3/99]
[revised 3/31/99]

    The Charlotte County Library recognizes that the internet, and the World Wide Web, provide unique opportunities to expand the range of available information, and that internet-based information plays an increasingly important role in the world of commercial, academic, and recreational information users. Therefore, in accordance with its mission to provide free and easy access to information and ideas, the library will provide public access to the internet from computer terminals located within the library. There will be no charge for this service. The service will be provided at the Main Library and, as budget, space, and staff resources allow, at the branch libraries. The library will strive to provide a sufficient number of terminals, at sufficient locations, to make this service accessible and convenient for all interested users.

    The Charlotte County Library can neither monitor nor control the information posted on the internet, and can not be responsible for its content, accuracy, or currency. Users must be aware that internet links and content are rapidly changing and unpredictable, and that the vast range of internet content includes some which is inaccurate, controversial, offensive, and even illegal. The immediacy of the format requires responsible users to be ever vigilant, and to use good judgment and discretion in their use of the internet. Users of the library internet service must take full responsibility for materials which they access and display on the library's computers. Filtering software will be available on each internet access computer, and will be turned on upon request by the user.

    Parents of minor children are responsible for the internet use of their children, and for the protection of their children from exposure to harmful elements which may be encountered on the internet. Parents are strongly encouraged to monitor and participate in the internet use of their children, to a degree which is appropriate for the age, abilities, and interests of the particular child.

    As with other library services, use of the internet will be treated as a private and confidential activity. Users must recognize, however, that the library is a public place, and that complete privacy and confidentiality cannot be assured. Internet users must be tolerant of the rights and sensibilities of other patrons, and must refrain from accessing sites with sounds or visuals which might disrupt the ability of others to use and enjoy the library and its resources. Users who access such sites should leave them immediately.

    The library does not provide e-mail accounts, or access to chat rooms.

    Users may download files onto their own personal floppy disks. The library is not responsible for computer viruses, or for other damages which may result from files downloaded from the internet

    The following are unacceptable uses of the library's internet computers, and may result in a loss of internet or other library privileges, or prosecution by local, state, or federal legal authorities:

    Each user must sign an "Acceptable Use Agreement Form" before using the library's internet service. Children under the age of 18 must have the form signed by a parent or legal guardian; the parent must come into the library to sign the form. Parents may designate on the form, if they choose, that the child is restricted to filtered use only.

    In order to provide a fair level of accessibility to all interested users, the library may impose limits on the duration of internet sessions, and on the amount of printing and downloading which may be done in a single session. If necessary, the library may develop a weekly or monthly calendar for reserving sessions in advance.

    Internet-trained library staff will be available to assist with internet use whenever possible, but should not be considered experts on either computing or internet use. Staff assistance may be limited due to the other demands of the library operation.

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Public Use / Special Events

[Adopted 7/6/94]

    The library buildings, grounds, and other facilities are available to be used for special events. These events must be:

  1. free, and open to the public.
  2. non-profit.
  3. in the spirit of contributing to the social, cultural, or educational enrichment of county citizens.

    Such events may include concerts, lectures, exhibits, etc.

    In addition to public events, the library property is also available for certain private ceremonies, such as weddings.

    Library facilities are generally not available for regular, recurring events, such as club meetings, classes, etc.

    There is never a charge for the use of any library facilities. Voluntary contributions are welcomed, and are helpful in defraying the costs of maintaining and providing access to these facilities.

    Following are regulations and guidelines for special events using library property:

General Regulations

  1. All events must be approved in advance by the Library Board of Trustees. Event sponsors should seek permission, in writing, from the Board as early as possible.

  2. At all times, before approving a proposed event, the Library Board will give first consideration to the maintenance of regular library service to the general public.

  3. Events are scheduled, and facilities are reserved, on a first-come, first-served basis. A calendar of reservations is kept in the library office. Programs sponsored by the library receive first priority.

  4. Events should be scheduled during regular library hours, when a staff member can be present. Events planned when the library is closed, or which require unscheduled opening of library buildings, will need special consideration from the Library Board. Events may be scheduled for the Library Garden at any time.

  5. All library property and facilities must be left in a clean and orderly condition, as they were found. This includes removal of all trash, replacing furnishings, etc.

  6. Any damage to library property should be reported promptly and accurately. The event sponsor is responsible for reimbursing the library for any loss or damage which occurs during the event.

  7. Alcoholic beverages may be served and consumed as permitted under current state and local regulations. Alcoholic beverages may not be sold. Public drunkenness will not be tolerated. Any failure to comply with these regulations, or with state and local regulations regarding alcohol use, will result in immediate referral to local law enforcement officials.

  8. The sponsor of an event must assume full responsibility for adherence to these regulations, and for the protection of library property. The event sponsor must also assume full responsibility for the behavior, and safety, of all persons who attend the event. Any failure to comply with these regulations may result in immediate termination and cancellation of the event.

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Meeting Rooms

  1. All general regulations, above, apply to use of the meeting rooms.

  2. Rooms available in the library buildings are the Conference Room (upstairs in Bruce building), the Local History Room (downstairs in Bruce building), and the first floor of the storage building.

  3. No food is allowed in the Bruce building. No beverages are allowed in the Local History Room. Beverages are allowed in the Conference Room and in the storage building, with care taken to protect books and other materials from accidental spills. All cups and other trash must be removed immediately after the event.

  4. No smoking is allowed in any library building.

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Library Garden

  1. All general regulations, above, apply to use of the Library Garden.

  2. Food and beverages are allowed in the Library Garden. Care must be taken to clean up spills promptly. All food, food residue, and trash must be removed immediately after the event.

  3. The event sponsor is responsible for providing, and removing, trash receptacles.

  4. The use of glass containers in the Library Garden is strongly discouraged. Any broken glass must be picked up and removed immediately.

  5. Care must always be taken to protect and preserve the lawns, trees, shrubs, and all other features of the garden. Vandalism will not be tolerated.

  6. During hot, sunny days, blankets and tarps are not permitted to be spread out on the lawns, as this will kill the grass quickly.

  7. During private ceremonies, such as weddings, it must be remembered that the Library Garden always remains a public place. The public may at no time be denied access to the garden. No fence, barricade, or other obstruction of any kind may be erected to prevent free passage in and out of the garden.

  8. Use of the Library Garden after dark is strongly discouraged. Users of the garden must remember at all times that it is a public place, and they use it at their own risk.

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Exhibits and Displays

[adopted 5/7/1997]

    The library and its branches serve as cultural centers for the county, and for the local communities, and as forums for public information sharing. The libraries will freely host a variety of exhibits and displays, sponsored by any individuals or agencies with an interest in the local area. These displays might include artwork, historical artifacts, holiday decorations, special collections, informational brochures and pamphlets, etc. The libraries will also, as space allows, provide bulletin boards for the posting of public notices.

    Exhibits, displays, and items posted on bulletin boards must be:

  1. intended for the general public, and non-profit in nature.
  2. in the spirit of contributing to the social, cultural, or educational enrichment of county citizens.

    Exhibits, displays, and posted items will not be restricted based on the political, social, or religious views they express, nor on the particular affiliations of their sponsors.

    Following are regulations and guidelines for exhibits, displays, and bulletin boards on library property:

Exhibits and displays

  1. A sponsor should have a proposed display approved in advance, by filling out a standardized request form provided by the library. Requests are subject to review and approval by the library director. The proposal should include specific dates for installation and removal of the display. Sponsors should remove their displays promptly.

  2. Displays will be approved on a first-come, first-served basis. If necessary, a formal calendar for scheduling displays will be established. Displays sponsored by the library will be given first priority.

  3. Displays should not interfere with normal library operations or traffic.

  4. A plaque or other sign, clearly acknowledging the sponsor of a display, should always be prominently positioned and visible while the display is in place.

  5. The library can assume no responsibility for loss or damage to items on display.

Bulletin boards

  1. Items to be posted on bulletin boards should be approved by a library staff member on duty at that particular branch. Library staff may choose to hold an item for approval by the library director.

  2. Items posted on bulletin boards should be clear in meaning and intent. Sponsors should be clearly indicated.

  3. Space on bulletin boards is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Items posted by the library will be given first priority.

  4. In positioning and moving items on bulletin boards, and in determining the length of time a particular item will be displayed, a sense of fairness to others will prevail. Library staff will continuously oversee and moderate the fair use of bulletin boards.

  5. Library staff will promptly remove out-dated items from bulletin boards. Library staff reserves the right to remove items from bulletin boards at any time.

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The library will be closed for the following holidays:

New Year's Day
Lee-Jackson-King Day
Washington's Birthday
Easter - Good Friday and Saturday
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Columbus Day
Veterans Day
Thanksgiving (Thursday, Friday & Saturday)
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day and the day after
New Year's Eve - 1/2 day.

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Photocopy Machines

[adopted 11/2/94]

Photocopy machines are available at all library branches. These machines are for library administrative use, and also for the convenience of the general public.

Following are regulations and guidelines for public use of the library photocopy machines:

  1. Copy machines are not self-service. Library staff should always be asked for assistance.

  2. Charges for copying library materials: (books, magazines, newspapers, etc.)
    • up to 10 pages per person, per day - no charge
    • over 10 pages - 10 cents/page

  3. Charges for copying personal, or non-library materials:
    • 10 cents/page

  4. When calculating the number of copies made, "front and back" pages count as two copies.

  5. Representatives from the Friends of the Library organization may use the machines for Friends business at no charge, within reasonable limits. For large amounts of copies, the Friends are asked to provide their own paper.

  6. Library staff may refuse any request for photocopying, if the request is so large or so time-consuming that it would interfere with normal library service to the general public.

  7. All responsibilities for compliance with copyright regulations are assumed by the user of the photocopies.

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Gifts and Donations

[adopted 9/7/1994]

  1. Gifts of money, books, or other materials are accepted with the understanding that the library retains sole authority to determine the appropriate disposition of such gifts. The donor's desires are always considered, and accommodated whenever possible. The library reserves the right to refuse any gift.

  2. Gifts of cash are generally accepted into the Library Wheat Account. The donor of a gift of cash or securities with a value of over $500 may request that their gift be accepted into the Library Endowment Fund.

  3. Donated books may or may not be added to the library collection, at the discretion of the librarian. Donated books which are not added to the library collection are usually donated, in turn, to the Friends of the Library. If a donor wishes to make other arrangements for books which are not added to the library, this will be considered by the librarian.

  4. If a donor wishes to give a book as a memorial or tribute, the donor may select the book, subject to the approval of the librarian.

  5. If desired by the donor, a bookplate may be installed to acknowledge a gift.

  6. Once accepted, all donated books become part of the general collection of the Charlotte County Library, and are treated as such. There can be no guarantee that an item will be shelved at a particular library branch. There can be no guarantee that an item will be retained in the library collection for a specified length of time.

  7. These general regulations also apply to donations of other materials, such as furnishings, equipment, etc.

  8. The library will not accept for deposit any materials which are not outright gifts, except as specified in the library's policy on exhibits.

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