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Become a Friend!

            Since they organized in 1989, the Friends of the Library have:

                  -     contributed books, money,
                            shelving, furniture

                                    signs, holiday decorations,
                                              copy machines, door mats,

                                                book drops, display cases,

                                                      drapes, microwaves,

                                                            refrigerators, computers,

                                                                  paint, flags,

                        and much more, to make all four library branches more useful,
                        friendly, and comfortable.


                  -     sponsored fine concerts, lectures, exhibits, book drawings,
                        used book sales, and other special events.


                  -     presented great story hours and summer programs for children.


                  -     raised funds for the establishment of the Phenix Branch Library,
                        and the renovation of the Keysville Branch Library.


                  -     made 4-year-olds in the county schools feel very special,

                        by presenting each of them with their very own hardcover book.


                  -     established a video collection for the library;  funded the
                        development of the large print and audio tape collections.


                  -     contributed over 3,000 volunteer staff hours, to allow

                        branch libraries to be open on Saturdays.


                  -     helped the library "unload" tons of used and donated books,

                        by organizing popular used book sales.


                  MOST IMPORTANT:    Friends of the Library are advocates and supporters of the public library in their everyday lives.  When you become involved with the Friends, people who know you respond to your personal excitement about the library  -  and you become the best public relations resource we could possible have!


Please join the Friends (or renew membership),       and start to share in this exciting and gratifying work.  You'll be glad you did!


                  Annual Dues:  (payable to Friends of the Library,  PO Box 788,  Charlotte CH, VA  23923)

                        Basic - $10                  Sustaining - $25.00                   Lifetime - $100


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