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Audio Tapes
at the Charlotte County Library

070.5 MIC	Michener, James A.,  The novel.
153.12 MOI	Moidel, Steve.,  Memory power.
158.1 CHI	Chicken soup for the soul.
158.1 CHO	Chopra, Deepak.,  Living beyond miracles.
158.1 MAN	Mandino, Og.,  The greatest salesman in the world.
170.44 DEL	Delany, Sarah Louise.,  The Delany sisters' book of everyday wisdom.
211 ARM	Armstrong, Karen.,  A history of God.
220.52 BIB	Bible : Colossians / Bible messages.
220.52 BIB	Bible : New Testament.
220.52 BIB	Bible : Old Testament - Part I.
220.52 BIB	Bible : Old Testament  - Part II.
220.52 BIB	Bible : Old Testament  - Part III
248.4 LEW	Lewis, C.S.,  The Screwtape letters.
291.4 CHO	Chopra, Deepak.,  The seven spiritual laws of success.
291.4 CHO	Chopra, Deepak.,  The path to love.
291.4 ZUK	Zukav, Gary.,  Soul stories.
291.5 EZZ	Ezzo, Gary and Anne Marie.,  Reflections of moral innocence.
291.82 EAS	Easwaran, Eknath.,  Sacred literature of the world.
306.872 GRA	Gray, John.,  Men are from Mars, women are from Venus.
306.872 GRA	Gray, John.,  Mars and Venus in love.
306.874 LEE	Lee, John.,  At my father's wedding.
306.8743 LER	Lerner, Harriett.,  The mother dance.
320.1 MAC	Machiavelli, Niccolo.,  The Prince.
364.1 RUL	Rule, Ann.,  Dead by sunset.
364.1523 DAR	Darden, Christopher.,  In contempt.
385.0973 AMB	Ambrose, Stephen E.,  Nothing like it in the world.
433 GER	German : Language/30
443 FRE	French : Language/30
463 SPA	Spanish : Language/30
495.1 CHI	Chinese : Language/30
551.55 JUN	Junger, Sebastian.,  The perfect storm.
598.2 BOR	Borror, Donald J.,  Common bird songs.
598.2 BOR	Borror, Donald J.,  Songs of Eastern birds.
598.2 PRO	Proctor, Noble.,  Song birds.
613.79 MCK	McKay, Matthew.,  Relax your body.
613.79 MCK	McKay, Matthew.,  Calm your mind.
613.79 YAN	Yang, Jwing-Ming.,  Self-relaxation.
615.8 CHO	Chopra, Deepak.,  Unconditional life.
616.86 BEA	Beattie, Melody.,  Codependent no more.
616.89 HAR	Harris, Thomas A.,  I'm ok, You're ok.
635 WRI	The writer in the garden.
636.089 DUN	Duncan, Alex.,  It's a vet's life.
650.13 FRE	Freund, James C.,  Smart negotiating.
658.8 SEW	Sewell, Carl.,  Customers for life.
791.44 BES	The best of suspense.  [radio programs]
791.44 BOB	Bob and Ray / Mr. & Mrs. North.
791.44 BUR	Burns and Allen Show / My friend Irma.
791.44 CHA	Charlie McCarthy Show / Fibber McGee & Molly.
791.44 GRE	Great soap operas. [radio programs]
791.44 LUG	Lugosi, Bela / Lorre, Peter.,  The doctor prescribed death / The black cat.
791.44 STE	Stewart, James / Death Valley Days.,  The six shooter / The white burrow.
796.3526 FEI	Feinstein, John,  A good walk spoiled
808.8038 BEN	Bennett, William J.,  The book of virtues : Vol. 1.
808.8038 BOO	Bennett, William J.,  The book of virtues : Vol. 2.
808.8387 CLA	A classic mystery sampler.
811 DIC		Dickinson, Emily.,  Emily Dickinson : a self-portrait : poems and letters.
811.08 MOY	Moyers, Bill.,  The language of life: a festival of poets.
811.54 SEX	Sexton, Anne.,  Anne Sexton reads her poetry.
814.54 ANG	Angelou, Maya.,  Wouldn't take nothing for my journey now.
814.54 BOM	Bombeck, Erma,  All I know about animal behavior, I learned in Loehmann's ...
814.54 GRI	Grizzard, Lewis.,  If I ever get back to Georgia, I'm gonna nail my feet
814.54 ORO	O'Rourke, P.J.,  Age and guile beat youth, innocence, and a bad haircut.
814.54 WHI	White, Bailey.,  An interesting life.
814.54 WHI	White, Bailey.,  Sleeping at the Starlite Motel.
817 ROG	Rogers, Will.,  Will Rogers : reflections and observations.
821 BLA	Blake, William.,  The poetry of William Blake.
821.3 DON	Donne, John.,  John Donne : 29 love poems.
821.3 SHA	Shakespeare, William.,  The sonnets.
821.8 CAR	Carroll, Lewis / Browning, Robert.,  The hunting of the snark / The pied piper.
822 EVE	Everyman.
822.33 SHA	Shakespeare, William.,  Romeo & Juliet
822.33 SHA	Shakespeare, William.,  Macbeth.
822.33 SHA	Shakespeare, William.,  Hamlet.
914.15 CAH	Cahill, Thomas.,  How the Irish saved civilization.
917.3 COO	Cooke, Alistair.,  Letters from America.
917.4044 BRY	Bryson, Bill.,  A walk in the woods.
917.55 RID	Ride with me : Virginia I-95 South.
917.559 RID	Ride with me : Shenandoah Valley I-81 South.
917.58 RID	Ride with me : Georgia I-95 South.
919.4046 BRY	Bryson, Bill,  In a sunburned country
920 HAL	Haley, Alex.,  Alex Haley's Queen.
940.53 TOW	Townsend, Peter.,  Duel in the dark.
940.5481 BRO	Brokaw, Tom,  The greatest generation speaks
947.083 MAS	Massie, Robert K.,  The Romanovs : the final chapter.
955 FOL	Follett, Ken.,  On wings of eagles.
973 ZIN		Zinn, Howard.,  A people's history of the United States.
973.7 CAT	Catton, Bruce.,  A short history of the Civil War.
973.92 KUR	Kuralt, Charles.,  Charles Kuralt's America.
B AAR		Aaron, Hank.,  I had a hammer.
B ANG		Angelou, Maya.,  I know why the caged bird sings.
B ANG		Angelou, Maya.,  All God's children need traveling shoes.
B CRO		Cronkite, Walter.,  A reporter's life.
B CRO		Cronkite, Walter.,  Cronkite remembers.
B DEL		Delany, Satah Louise.,  Having our say.
B DOD		Dodson, James.,  Final rounds.
B DOI		Doig, Ivan.,  Heart earth.
B DOU		Douglass, Frederick.,  Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass.
B EAD		Eadie, Betty J.,  The awakening heart.
B GRA		Graham, Katharine.,  Personal history.
B GUT		Guthrie, Woody.,  Bound for glory.
B HAN		Hanff, Helene.,  84, Charing Cross Road.
B HAR		Hartley, Mariette.,  Breaking the silence.
B HEP		Hepburn, Katherine.,  Me.
B KIN		King, Coretta Scott.,  My life with Martin Luther King, Jr.
B KUR		Kuralt, Charles.,  A life on the road.
B LAM		Phillips, Robert.,  Louis L'Amour : his life and times.
B LIN		Donald, David Herbert.,  Lincoln.
B LIN		Lincoln, Abraham.,  Lincoln's letters.
B MAN		Mandela, Nelson.,  Long walk to freedom.
B MAN		Mandrell, Barbara.,  Get to the heart.
B MCC		McCall, Nathan.,  Makes me wanna holler.
B MCC		McCourt, Frank.,  Angela's ashes.
B MEA		Means, Russell.,  Where white men fear to tread.
B MOR		Morris, Edmund,  Dutch: a memoir of Ronald Reagan
B PAR		Parton, Dolly.,  Dolly : My life and other unfinished business
B PAV		Pavarotti, Luciano.,  Pavarotti : my world.
B PIR		Pirsig, Robert M.,  Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance.
B POW		Powell, Colin.,  My American journey.
B SAR		Sarah, the Duchess of York.,  My story.
B SCH		Schwartz, Morrie,  Morrie: in his own words
B SWI		Switzer, Barry.,  Bootlegger's boy.
B THO		Thomas, Danny.,  Make room for danny.
B TRU		McCullough, David.,  Truman.
F ADA		Adams, Douglas.,  The hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy.
F ALC		Alcott, Louisa May.,  Little women.
F ALC		Alcott, Louisa May.,  Little women : three excerpts.
F ALL		Allingham, Margery.,  Stories from the Allingham case-book.
F ALL		Allingham, Margery.,  Dancers in mourning.
F AND		Aanderson, Poul.,  Award-winning science fiction.
F ANT		Anthony, Evelyn.,  The assassin.
F ARC		Archer, Jeffrey.,  As the crow flies.
F ATW		Atwood, Margaret.,  The handmaid's tale.
F AUS		Austen, Jane.,  Northanger Abbey.
F AUS		Austen, Jane.,  Sense and sensibility.
F AUS		Austen, Jane.,  Pride and prejudice.
F BAL		Baldacci, David.,  The winner.
F BAL		Baldacci, David.,  The simple truth.
F BAN		Banks, Lynne Reid.,  The l-shaped room.
F BEN		Benchley, Peter.,  The beast.
F BIN		Binchy, Maeve.,  Circle of friends.
F BLO		Block, Lawrence.,  Dance at the slaughterhouse.
F BLO		Bloom, Amy.,  Love invents us.
F BLU		Blume, Judy.,  Summer sisters.
F BOD		Bodett, Tom.,  The big garage on Clear Shot.
F BRA		Bradbury, Ray.,  Fahrenheit 451.
F BRA		Bradford, Barbara Taylor.,  Her own rules.
F BRA		Bradford, Barbara Taylor.,  Power of a woman.
F BRA		Bradford, Barbara Taylor.,  A secret affair.
F BRA		Brand, Max.,  Trail to San Triste.
F BRA		Brand, Max.,  Destry rides again.
F BRA		Braun, Lilian Jackson.,  The cat who lived high.
F BRA		Braun, Lillian Jackson.,  The cat who sang for the birds.
F BRO		Bronte, Emily.,  Wuthering Heights.
F BRO		Brown, Sandra,  The alibi
F BRO		Brown, Sandra.,  Exclusive.
F BRO		Brown, Sandra.,  Unspeakable.
F BUC		Buchan, John.,  The thirty-nine steps.
F BUC		Buchanan, Edna,  Miami, it's murder
F BUC		Buchanan, Edna,  Contents under pressure
F BUR		Burke, James Lee.,  Heaven's prisoners.
F BUR		Burke, James Lee.,  In the electric mist with the Confederate dead.
F BUR		Burns, Olive Ann.,  Cold Sassy Tree.
F CAD		Cadell, Elizabeth.,  Out of the rain.
F CAR		Carr, Caleb,  The alienist
F CAR		Carter, Forrest.,  The education of Little Tree.
F CHA		Charteris, Leslie,  The last hero
F CHA		Charteris, Leslie.,  Featuring the Saint.
F CHA		Charteris, Leslie.,  Alias the Saint.
F CHA		Charteris, leslie.,  Enter the Saint.
F CHE		Chekhov, Anton.,  The kiss.
F CHO		Chopin, Kate.,  The awakening.
F CHO		Chopin, Kate.,  Desiree's baby.
F CHR		Christie, Agatha,  The mysterious affair at Styles
F CHR		Christie, Agatha.,  Sparkling cyanide.
F CHR		Christie, Agatha.,  4.50 From Paddington.
F CHR		Christie, Agatha.,  At Bertram's Hotel.
F CHR		Christie, Agatha.,  Sleeping murder.
F CLA		Clancy, Tom,  Patriot games
F CLA		Clancy, Tom,  The hunt for red october
F CLA		Clark, Carol Higgins.,  Decked.
F CLA		Clark, Mary Higgins,  Let me call you sweetheart
F CLA		Clark, Mary Higgins,  I'll be seeing you
F CLA		Clark, Mary Higgins,  All around the town
F CLA		Clark, Mary Higgins.,  The cradle will fall.
F CLA		Clark, Mary Higgins.,  The body in the closet.
F CLA		Clark, Mary Higgins.,  Loves music, loves to dance.
F CLA		Clark, Mary Higgins.,  Moonlight becomes you.
F CLA		Clark, Mary Higgins.,  Pretend you don't see her.
F COL		Collins, Jackie.,  Chances.
F COL		Collins, Joan.,  Love & desire & hate.
F CON		Conrad, Joseph.,  Heart of darkness.
F COO		Cook, Robin,  Terminal
F COO		Cook, Robin,  The year of the intern
F COO		Cook, Robin,  Harmful, Intent
F COO		Cook, Robin,  Vital signs
F COO		Cook, Robin,  Harmful intent
F COO		Cookson, Catherine.,  Rooney.
F COR		Cornwell, Bernard,  Redcoat
F COR		Cornwell, Patricia,  The body farm
F COR		Cornwell, Patricia,  Southern cross
F COR		Cornwell, Patricia,  Body of evidence
F COR		Cornwell, Patricia,  All that remains
F COR		Cornwell, Patricia.,  Cause of death.
F COR		Cornwell, Patricia.,  Hornet's nest.
F COR		Cornwell, Patricia.,  Point of origin.
F CRA		Crane, Stephen.,  The red badge of courage.
F CRI		Crichton, Michael,  Timeline
F CRO		Cronin, A. J.,  Lady with carnations.
F CUS		Cussler, Clive,  Iceberg
F CUS		Cussler, Clive,  Sahara
F CUS		Cussler, Clive.,  The deep.
F DAI		Dailey, Janet,  Aspen gold.
F DEI		Deighton, Len,  The ipcress file
F DEI		Deighton, Len,  Funeral in Berlin
F DEL		De la Roche, Mazo.,  Delight.
F DEM		DeMille, Nelson.,  Spencerville.
F DEX		Dexter, Colin.,  Morse's greatest mystery.
F DIC		Dickens, Charles.,  A Christmas carol.
F DOY		Doyle, Arthur Conan.,  The lost world.
F DOY		Doyle, Arthur Conan.,  The case of the five orange pips.
F DOY		Doyle, Arthur Conan.,  The hound of the Baskervilles.
F DOY		Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan.,  The blue carbuncle.
F DUM		Du Maurier, Daphne.,  The birds and other echos from the macabre.
F DUM		Du Maurier, Daphne.,  My cousin Rachel.
F DUN		Duncan, Alex.,  To be a country doctor.
F EDE		Eden, Dorothy.,  The voice of the dolls.
F EDE		Eden, Dorothy.,  Speak to me of love.
F EDE		Eden, Dorothy.,  The millionaire's doughter.
F ESQ		Esquivel, Laura.,  Like water for chocolate.
F EVA		Evans, Nicholas.,  The horse whisperer.
F EVA		Evans, Nicholas.,  The loop.
F FAU		Faulkner, William.,  William Faulkner reads.
F FIT		Fitzgerald, F. Scott.,  This side of paradise.
F FIT		Fitzgerald, Penelope.,  The gate of angels.
F FOL		Follett, Ken.,  Eye of the needle.
F FOL		Follett, Ken.,  Paper money.
F FOR		Forster, E.M.,  Howard's end.
F FOR		Forsyth, Federick.,  The deceiver.
F FOR		Forsyth, Frederick,  The day of the jackal
F FOR		Forsyth, Frederick,  The dogs of war
F FOR		Forsyth, Frederick.,  The emperor.
F FRA		Francis, Dick,  Longshot
F FRA		Francis, Dick,  Comeback
F FRA		Francis, Dick.,  Whip hand.
F FRA		Francis, Dick.,  Knockdown.
F FRA		Francis, Dick.,  Fix the national : and other racing stories.
F FRA		Francis, Dick.,  Flying finish.
F FRA		Francis, Dick.,  Trial run.
F FRA		Fraser, Antonia.,  Splash of red.
F FRA		Frazier, Charles.,  Cold mountain.
F GAB		Gabaldon, Diana.,  Drums of autumn.
F GAB		Gabaldon, Diana.,  Dragonfly in amber.
F GAB		Gabaldon, Diana.,  Outlander
F GAB		Gabaldon, Diana.,  Voyager.
F GAI		Gaines, Ernest J.,  The autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman.
F GAR		Garve, Andrew.,  A very quiet place.
F GAS		Gaskin, Catherine.,  Daughter of the house.
F GEO		George, Elizabeth.,  Well-schooled in murder.
F GIB		Gibbons, Stella.,  Cold comfort farm.
F GIL		Gilbreth, Frank B., Jr.,  Cheaper by the dozen.
F GIL		Gilman, Dorothy.,  Mrs. Pollifax and the whirling dervish.
F GIL		Gilman, Dorothy.,  The unexpected Mrs. Pollifax.
F GOL		Golden, Arthur.,  Memoirs of a geisha.
F GOL		Goldsmith, Olivia.,  The First Wives Club.
F GOU		Goudge, Eileen.,  Such devoted sisters.
F GRA		Grafton, Sue,  "A" is for alibi
F GRA		Grafton, Sue,  "B" is for burglar
F GRA		Grafton, Sue,  "C" is for corpse
F GRA		Grafton, Sue.,  "D" is for deadbeat.
F GRA		Grafton, Sue,  "E" is for evidence
F GRA		Grafton, Sue.,  "F" is for fugitive.
F GRA		Grafton, Sue.,  "G" is for gumshoe.
F GRA		Grafton, Sue,  "H" is for homicide
F GRA		Grafton, Sue,  "I" is for innocent
F GRA		Grafton, Sue,  "J" is for judgment
F GRA		Grafton, Sue,  "K" is for killer
F GRA		Grafton, Sue,  "L" is for lawless
F GRA		Grafton, Sue,  "M" is for malice
F GRA		Grafton, Sue,  "N" is for noose
F GRA		Grafton, Sue,  "O" is for outlaw
F GRE		Greene, Graham.,  Monsignor Quixote.
F GRE		Grey, Zane.,  Avalanche.
F GRE		Grey, Zane.,  The heritage of the desert.
F GRE		Grey, Zane.,  Thunder Mountain.
F GRE		Grey, Zane.,  Canyon walls.
F GRE		Grey, Zane.,  The ranger.
F GRE		Grey, Zane.,  Riders of the purple sage.
F GRI		Grimes, Martha,  Hotel Paradise
F GRI		Grimes, Martha,  The old contemptibles
F GRI		Grisham, John.,  The firm.
F GRI		Grisham, John.,  The pelican brief.
F GRI		Grisham, John.,  The chamber.
F GRI		Grisham, John.,  The rainmaker.
F GRI		Grisham, John.,  The runaway jury.
F GRI		Grisham, John.,  The partner.
F GRI		Grisham, John.,  The brethren.
F GRO		Groom, Winston.,  Forrest Gump.
F HAI		Hailey, Arthur.,  Airport.
F HAM		Hammett, Dashiell,  The maltese falcon
F HAM		Hammett, Dashiell.,  The thin man.
F HAM		Hamner, Earl, Jr.,  Spencer's Mountain.
F HAR		Hardy, Thomas.,  Jude the obscure.
F HAW		Hawthorne, Nathaniel.,  The scarlet letter.
F HEG		Hegland, Jean.,  Into the forest.
F HEL		Heller, Joseph.,  Catch-22.
F HEM		Hemingway, Earnest.,  Stories of Earnest Hemingway.
F HEM		Hemingway, Ernest.,  The sun also rises.
F HER		Herriot, James.,  All things wise and wonderful.
F HIG		Higgins, Jack.,  The testament of Caspar Schultz.
F HIG		Higgins, Jack.,  Storm warning.
F HIG		Higgins, Jack.,  Day of judgement.
F HIL		Hill, Susan.,  The mist in the mirror.
F HIL		Hillerman, Tony,  Coyote waits
F HIL		Hillerman, Tony.,  A thief of time.
F HIL		Hillerman, Tony.,  Dance hall of the dead.
F HIL		Hilton, John,,  Around the ward in 80 days.
F HOF		Hoffman, William.,  Tidewater blood.
F HOL		Holt, Victoria.,  The legend of the seventh virgin.
F HOL		Holt, Victoria.,  The captive.
F HOL		Holt, Victoria.,  The spring of the tiger.
F HOL		Holt, Victoria.,  On the night of the seventh moon.
F HOL		Holt, Victoria.,  The black opal.
F HOO		Hood, Ann,  Ruby: a novel
F HOR		Hornung, E.W.,  To catch a thief.
F HOW		Howatch, Susan.,  The dark shore.
F HUD		Hudson, W. H.,  Green mansions.
F HUN		Hunter, Evan,  Criminal conversation
F INN		Innes, Hammond.,  The blue ice.
F IRV		Irving, Washington.,  Rip Van Winkle and other stories.
F JAC		Jackson, Shirley.,  The summer people ; the little house.
F JAM		James, Henry.,  What Maisie knew.
F JAM		James, P. D.,  Devices and desires
F JAM		James, P. D.,  Death of an expert witness
F JAM		James, P.D.,  An unsuitable job for a woman.
F JOY		Joyce, James.,  The dead.
F JOY		Joyce, James.,  Grace.
F JOY		Joyce, James.,  A portrait of the artist as a young man.
F KAF		Kafka, Franz.,  Tales of Kafka.
F KAR		Karon, Jan.,  At home in Mitford.
F KAR		Karon, Jan.,  A light in the window.
F KAR		Karon, Jan.,  These high, green hills.
F KAR		Karon, Jan.,  Out to Canaan.
F KAY		Kaye, M.M.,  Death in Berlin.
F KAY		Kaye, Terry.,  Shadow song.
F KEL		Kellerman, Faye,  Grievous sin
F KEL		Kellerman, Jonathan,  Devil's waltz
F KEL		Kellerman, Jonathan.,  Self-defense.
F KER		Kerouac, Jack.,  The dharma bums.
F KER		Kerouac, Jack.,  On the road.
F KIN		King, Stephen.,  The dark tower : the gunslinger.
F KIN		King, Stephen.,  The breathing method.
F KIN		King, Stephen.,  Thinner.
F KIN		King, Stephen.,  The gunslinger.
F KIN		King, Stephen.,  The drawing of the three.
F KIN		King, Stephen.,  The waste lands.
F KOO		Koontz, Dean R.,  Stalkers.
F KOO		Koontz, Dean.,  Strange highways.
F KOR		Korda, Michael.,  Curtain.
F KRA		Krantz, Judith.,  Dazzle.
F LAM		L'Amour, Louis,  Jubal Sackett
F LAM		L'Amour, Louis.,  Bill Carey rides west.
F LAM		L'Amour, Louis.,  Lit a shuck for texas ; the Nester and the Piute.
F LAM		L'Amour, Louis.,  No man's man.
F LAW		Lawrence, D.H.,  Women in love.
F LEC		Le Carre, John,  The spy who came in from the cold
F LEC		Le Carre, John,  The tailor of panama
F LEC		Le Carre, John,  The tailor of Panama
F LEO		Leonard, Elmore.,  Maximum Bob.
F LEO		Leonard, Elmore.,  Killshot.
F LON		London, Jack.,  The call of the wild.
F LUD		Ludlum, Robert.,  The Rhinemann exchange.
F LUD		Ludlum, Robert.,  The Bourne identity.
F MAC		MacDonald, John,  The deep blue good-by
F MAC		MacDonald, John,  Nightmare in pink
F MAC		MacDonald, William C.,  Wheels in the dust.
F MAC		MacInnes, Helen.,  Friends and lovers.
F MAC		MacLean, Alistair.,  Breakheart Pass.
F MAC		MacLeod, Charlotte,  The balloon man
F MAC		MacLeod, Charlotte,  The family vault
F MAK		Makine, Andrei,  Dreams of my Russian summers
F MAL		Malamud, Bernard.,  The natural.
F MAR		Margolin, Phillip.,  After dark.
F MAR		Marsh, Ngaio.,  Hand in glove.
F MAR		Martini, Steve.,  Critical mass.
F MAU		Maugham, W. Somerset.,  Cakes and ale.
F MAY		Mayle, Peter.,  A dog's life.
F MCB		McBain, Ed,  Mischief
F MCB		McBain, Ed,  Where there's smoke
F MCB		McBain, Ed,  Beauty and the beast
F MCB		McBain, Ed.,  Snow White and Rose Red.
F MCB		McBain, Ed.,  Kiss.
F MCB		McBain, Ed.,  Shotgun.
F MCB		McBain, Ed.,  Doll.
F MCB		McBain, Ed.,  Ice.
F MCB		McBain, Ed.,  Downtown.
F MCC		McCarthy, Cormac.,  All the pretty horses.
F MCC		McCorkle, Jill.,  Carolina moon.
F MCC		McCrumb, Sharyn.,  Highland laddie gone.
F MCC		McCrumb, Sharyn.,  Missing Susan.
F MCC		McCullough, Colleen.,  Caesar.
F MCM		McMillan, Terry.,  How Stella got her groove back.
F MEL		Melville, Herman.,  Moby Dick (excerpts).
F MIC		Michaels, Barbara.,  The master of Blacktower.
F MIC		Michaels, Barbara.,  Stitches in time.
F MIC		Michaels, Barbara.,  Shattered silk.
F MIC		Michaels, Fern.,  Celebration.
F MIT		Mitchard, Jacquelyn.,  The deep end of the ocean.
F MOR		Morrison, Toni.,  Jazz.
F MOR		Morrison, Toni.,  Sula.
F MOR		Morrison, Toni.,  Paradise.
F MOS		Mosley, Walter,  A little yellow dog
F MOS		Mosley, Walter,  Devil in a blue dress
F NAB		Nabakov, Vladimir.,  Lolita.
F OBR		O'Brian, Patrick.,  The yellow admiral.
F OBR		O'Brian, Patrick.,  The hundred days.
F OBR		O'Brien, Edna,  Wild decembers
F OKE		Oke, Janette.,  Love takes wing.
F OKE		Oke, Janette.,  Love finds a home.
F OKE		Oke, Janette.,  Love's unfolding dream.
F OKE		Oke, Janette.,  Love's unending legacy.
F OKE		Oke, Janette.,  A woman named Damaris.
F OKE		Oke, Janette.,  They called her Mrs. Doc.
F OKE		Oke, Janette.,  Roses for Mama.
F OKE		Oke, Janette.,  The calling of Emily Evans.
F OKE		Oke, Janette.,  Heart of the wilderness.
F OKE		Oke, Janette.,  A bride for Donnigan.
F OKE		Oke, Janette.,  The measure of a heart.
F OKE		Oke, Janette.,  Drums of change.
F OKE		Oke, Janette.,  A gown of Spanish lace.
F OKE		Oke, Janette.,  The bluebird and the sparrow.
F OKE		Oke, Janette.,  To long a stranger.
F OKE		Oke, Janette.,  Julia's last hope.
F OKE		Oke, Janette.,  Love's abiding joy.
F OKE		Oke, Janette.,  Love's long journey.
F OKE		Oke, Janette.,  Love's enduring promise.
F OKE		Oke, Janette.,  Love comes softly.
F ORW		Orwell, George.,  Animal farm.
F PAR		Paretsky, Sara,  Windy city blues
F PAR		Paretsky, Sara,  Indemnity only
F PAR		Paretsky, Sara.,  Guardian angel.
F PAR		Paretsky, Sara.,  Bitter medicine.
F PAR		Parker, Robert,  Paper doll
F PAR		Parker, Robert B.,  Pastime.
F PAT		Paton, Alan.,  Cry, the beloved country.
F PAT		Patterson, James,  Kiss the girls
F PAT		Patterson, James,  Cradle and all
F PAT		Patterson, James.,  Hide & seek.
F PAT		Patterson, James.,  Cat & mouse.
F PAT		Patterson, James.,  When the wind blows.
F PAT		Patterson, Richard North,  Degree of guilt
F PEA		Pearson, Ridley.,  The pied piper.
F PIL		Pilcher, Rosamunde.,  Another view.
F PIL		Pilcher, Rosamunde.,  Under Gemini.
F PIL		Pilcher, Rosamunde.,  Coming home.
F PLA		Plain, Belva.,  Harvest.
F POE		Poe, Edgar Allen.,  Classic Poe.
F PRI		Price, Eugenia.,  Bright captivity.
F QUA		Quayle, Marilyn T.,  Embrace the serpent.
F QUI		Quick, Amanda.,  With this ring.
F QUI		Quick, Amanda.,  Mischief.
F QUI		Quick, Amanda.,  Affair.
F QUI		Quindlen, Anna.,  Black and blue.
F REA		Read, Miss.,  Affairs at Thrush Green.
F REA		Read, Miss.,  Summer at Fairacre.
F REA		Read, Miss.,  Mrs. Pringle.
F RED		Redfield, James,  The secret of Shambhala
F REM		Remarque, Erich Marie.,  All quiet on the western front.
F REN		Rendell, Ruth,  The crocodile bird
F REN		Rendell, Ruth.,  Inspector Wexford on holiday.
F REN		Rendell, Ruth.,  The lake of darkness.
F REN		Rendell, Ruth.,  Heartstones.
F REN		Rendell, Ruth.,  The lake of darkness.
F RIC		Rice, Anne.,  Violin.
F RIC		Rice, Anne.,  Pandora.
F RIC		Rice, Anne.,  The Vampire Armand.
F ROB		Robbins, Tom,  Fierce invalids home from hot climates
F SAN		Sanders, Lawrence.,  The sixth commandment.
F SAN		Sandford, John.,  Silent prey.
F SAN		Sandford, John.,  Secret prey.
F SAY		Sayers, Dorothy L.,  Whose body?
F SEG		Segal, Erich.,  Acts of faith.
F SHA		Shaara, Michael,  For love of the game
F SHE		Sheldon, Sidney.,  The doomsday conspiracy.
F SHI		Shields, Carol,  Jane Austen
F SID		Siddons, Anne Rivers.,  Low country.
F SID		Siddons, Anne Rivers.,  Downtown.
F SID		Siddons, Anne Rivers.,  Outer Banks.
F SMI		Smiley, Jane.,  A thousand acres.
F SPA		Sparks, Nicholas,  A walk to remember
F SPE		Spencer, LaVyle.,  Bygones.
F STE		Steel, Danielle.,  The gift.
F STE		Steel, Danielle.,  Lightning.
F STE		Steel, Danielle.,  Malice.
F STE		Steel, Danielle.,  Silent honor.
F STE		Steel, Danielle.,  The ghost.
F STE		Stevenson, Robert Lewis.,  Treasure Island.
F STI		Stine, R. L.,  Superstitious
F STO		Stone, Robert.,  Outerbridge Reach.
F STO		Stout, Rex,  Black orchids
F STO		Stout, Rex.,  The league of frightened men.
F STO		Stout, Rex.,  Fer-de-lance.
F STO		Stout, Rex.,  The golden spiders.
F STO		Stout, Rex.,  The rubber band.
F STR		Stratton-Porter, Gene.,  The harvester.
F TAN		Tan, Amy.,  The kitchen God's wife.
F TAY		Taylor, Peter.,  The decline and fall of the Episcopal Church.
F TAY		Taylor, Peter.,  The old forest.
F TEY		Tey, Josephine.,  The daughter of time.
F TOL		Tolkien, J.R.R.,  The Hobbit.
F TRU		Truman, Margaret.,  Murder at the Pentagon.
F TRU		Trump, Ivana.,  For love alone.
F TUR		Turow, Scott,  The burden of proof
F TUR		Turow, Scott.,  The laws of our fathers.
F TWA		Twain, Mark.,  Connecticut yankee in King Arthur's court, Vol. I.
F TWA		Twain, Mark.,  The prince & the pauper.
F TWA		Twain, Mark.,  Connecticut yankee in King Arthur's court, Vol. II
F TWA		Twain, Mark.,  Jumping frogs to cannibalism.
F TWA		Twain, Mark.,  A double-barreled detective story.
F URI		Uris, Leon.,  Redemption.
F WAU		Waugh, Evelyn.,  A handful of dust.
F WEL		Weldon, Fay.,  The heart of the country.
F WEL		Wells, H.G.,  The strange orchid.
F WEL		Welty, Eudora.,  Delta wedding.
F WHA		Wharton, Edith.,  The eyes.
F WHI		Whitney, Phyllis A.,  Sea jade.
F WHI		Whitney, Phyllis A.,  Rainbow in the mist.
F WHI		Whitney, Phyllis A.,  Rainsong.
F WIE		Wiesel, Elie.,  Dawn.
F WIL		Wilde, Oscar.,  The picture of Dorian Gray.
F WIL		Wilde, Oscar.,  Stories by Oscar Wilde.
F WOO		Woods, Stuart,  Dirt
F WOO		Woods, Stuart.,  Dead in the water.
F WRI		Wright, Richard.,  Native son.
SC WIL		The wild West.

Children's Audio Tapes

E AAR		Aardema, Verna.,  Bringing the rain to Kapiti Plain.
E BEM		Bemelmans, Ludwig.,  Madeline.
E BEM		Bemelmans, Ludwig.,  Madeline's rescue.
E BRO		Brown, Margaret Wise.,  Goodnight moon.
E BUR		Burton, Virginia Lee.,  Choo choo.
E BUR		Burton, Virginia Lee.,  The little house.
E CHI		A child's gift of bedtime stories.
E FRE		Freeman, Don.,  Corduroy.
E GAL		Galdone, Paul.,  Rumpelstiltskin
E MCC		McCloskey, Robert.,  Blueberries for Sal.
E POT		Potter, Beatrix.,  The tale of Peter Rabbit.
E POT		Potter, Beatrix.,  The tailor of Gloucester.
E ROB		Roberts, Tom.,  Goldilocks.
E ROB		Roberts, Tom.,  The three little pigs.
E ROB		Roberts, Tom.,  The three billy goats gruff.
E SEU		Seuss, Dr.,  Yertle the Turtle and other stories.
E WEE		Wee sing nursery rhymes & lullabies.

J 398.2 AES	Aesop's fables.
J 398.2 ANA	Anansi.
J 398.2 AND	Andersen, Hans Christian.,  The emperor and the nightingale.
J 398.2 EAS	East of the sun, west of the moon.
J 398.2 EMP	The emperor's new clothes.
J 398.2 GLE	Gleeson, Brian.,  Paul Bunyan.
J 398.2 HAR	Harris, Joel Chandler.,  Brer Rabbit and the wonderful Tar Baby.
J 398.2 HIL	Hillerman, Tony.,  The boy who made dragonfly : a Zuni myth.
J 398.2 IRV	Irving, Washington.,  The legend of Sleepy Hollow.
J 398.2 KIP	Kipling, Rudyard.,  How the leopard got his spots.
J 398.25 FAV	Favorite scary stories of American children.
J 433 TEA	Teach me German.
J 443 TEA	Teach me French.
J 463 TEA	Teach me Spanish.
J 781.599 WEE	Wee sing America.
J 781.723 WEE	Wee sing for Christmas.
J 782.4 ANI	Animal folk songs for children.
J 782.4 WEE	Wee sing and play.
J 782.5 WEE	Wee sing Bible songs.
J 808.8038 CHI	The children's book of virtues audio treasury.
J 811 PRE	Prelutsky, Jack.,  It's Thanksgiving.
J 811 PRE	Prelutsky, Jack.,  It's Christmas.
J 811 PRE	Prelutsky, Jack.,  It's Halloween.
J 811 PRE	Prelutsky, Jack.,  It's Valentines Day.
J 940.54 FRA	Frank, Anne.,  Anne Frank : diary of a young girl.
J B KEL	Keller, Helen.,  The story of my life.

JF AVI		Avi.,  The true confessions of Charlotte Doyle.
JF AVI		Avi.,  Romeo and Juliet together (and alive!) at last.
JF BAN		Banks, Lynne Reid.,  The Indian in the cupboard.
JF BAU		Bauer, Marion Dane,  On my honor
JF BAU		Baum, L. Frank.,  The Wizard of Oz.
JF BIR		Birdseye, Tom.,  Soap! Soap! Don't forget the soap!
JF BJO		Bjork, Christina.,  Linnea in Monet's garden.
JF BRO		Brooks, Bruce.,  Moves make the man.
JF BRO		Brown, Marc,  Marc Brown's Arthur chapter books: volume 1
JF BRO		Brown, Marc,  Marc Brown's Arthur chapter books: volume 2
JF BUR		Burnett, Frances.,  The secret garden.
JF BYA		Byars, Betsy.,  The pinballs.
JF BYA		Byars, Betsy.,  The summer of the swans.
JF CAR		Carroll, Lewis.,  Alice in Wonderland.
JF CAR		Carroll, Lewis.,  Through the looking glass.
JF CHR		Christopher, Matt.,  Challenge at second base.
JF CLE		Cleary, Beverly,  Ramona Quimby, age 8
JF CLE		Cleary, Beverly,  Ramona's world
JF CLE		Cleary, Beverly,  The mouse and the motorcycle
JF CLE		Cleary, Beverly.,  Strider.
JF CLE		Cleary, Beverly.,  Ramona Quimby, age 8.
JF CLE		Cleary, Beverly.,  Henry and Ribsy.
JF CLE		Cleary, Beverly.,  Dear Mr. Henshaw.
JF COM		Coman, Carolyn,  What Jamie saw
JF COO		Cooper, Susan,  The dark is rising
JF COR		Cormier, Robert.,  I am the cheese.
JF COR		Cormier, Robert.,  The chocolate war.
JF COV		Coville, Bruce,  Aliens ate my homework
JF COV		Coville, Bruce.,  The monster's ring.
JF CRE		Creech, Sharon,  Walk two moons
JF CUS		Cushman, Karen.,  The midwife's apprentice.
JF DAH		Dahl, Roald.,  The witches.
JF DAN		Danziger, Paula.,  The Amber Brown collection.
JF DEJ		DeJong, Meindert,  The wheel on the school
JF DUN		Duncan, Lois.,  Don't look behind you.
JF FIT		Fitzhugh, Louise,  Harriet the spy
JF FLE		Fleischman, Paul.,  Bull Run.
JF FLE		Fleischman, Sid.,  The whipping boy.
JF FOX		Fox, Paula.,  The slave dancer.
JF GAN		Gannett, Ruth Stiles,  Three tales of my father's dragon
JF GEO		George, Jean Craighead.,  Julie of the wolves.
JF GEO		George, Jean Craighead.,  Julie.
JF GEO		George, Jean Craighead.,  Water sky.
JF GIP		Gipson, Fred.,  Old Yeller.
JF HES		Hesse, Karen,  Out of the dust
JF HIN		Hinton, S. E.,  The outsiders
JF HOL		Holm, Jennifer,  Our only may Amelia
JF JAC		Jacques, Brian,  Redwall
JF JUS		Juster, Norton.,  The phantom tollbooth.
JF KIP		Kipling, Rudyard.,  The jungle books I.
JF KIP		Kipling, Rudyard.,  The jungle books II.
JF KON		Konigsburg, E.L.,  The view from saturday
JF LAW		Lawson, Robert.,  Rabbit Hill.
JF LEN		L'Engle, Madeleine,  A wrinkle in time
JF LEN		L'Engle, Madeleine.,  A wrinkle in time.
JF LIN		Lindgren, Astrid.,  Pippi Longstocking.
JF LON		London, Jack.,  The call of the wild.
JF LOW		Lowry, Lois.,  The giver.
JF MAC		MacLachlan, Patricia.,  Baby.
JF MON	Montgomery, L.M.,  Anne of Green Gables.
JF ODE		O'Dell, Scott.,  Island of the blue dolphins.
JF PAT		Paterson, Katherine.,  Bridge to Terabithia.
JF PAU		Paulsen, Gary.,  Nightjohn.
JF PEC		Peck, Richard.,  A long way from Chicago.
JF POE		Poe, Edgar Allan.,  Tales of terror.
JF PRE		Prelutsky, Jack,  Jack Perlutsky's big collection
JF PUL		Pullman, Philip,  The golden compass
JF RAW		Rawls, Wilson.,  Where the red fern grows.
JF ROW	Rowling, J.K.,  Harry Potter and the sorcerer's stone.
JF ROW	Rowling, J.K.,  Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets.
JF ROW	Rowling, J.K.,  Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban.
JF ROW	Rowling, J.K.,  Harry Potter and the goblet of fire.
JF RYL		Rylant, Cynthia.,  A fine white dust.
JF SAC		Sachar, Louis,  Holes
JF SEL		Selden, George.,  The cricket in Times Square.
JF SEW		Sewell, Anna.,  Black Beauty.
JF SPE		Speare, Elizabeth George,  The sign of the beaver
JF STI		Stine, R.L.,  Bad dreams.
JF TOL		Tolkien, J. R. R.,  The Hobbit
JF TRA		Travers, P.L.,  Mary Poppins
JF TWA		Twain, Mark.,  The notorious jumping frog of Calaveras County.
JF WAR		Warner, Gertrude Chandler.,  The boxcar children.
JF WAR		Warner, Gertrude Chandler.,  Surprise Island.
JF WAR		Warner, Gertrude Chandler.,  Mystery Ranch.
JF WAR		Warner, Gertrude Chandler.,  The yellow house mystery.
JF WHI		White, E.B.,  Charlotte's web.
JF WOL		Wolff, Virginia Euwer,  Bat 6
JF WYS		Wyss, J.D.,  Swiss family Robinson.


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